What is 2-MMC? 2-MMC is a Research Chemical that, like MDPHP, 3-CMC, and 5-MMPA (Mephedrene), is classified as a cathinone.

At RealChems.net, you can purchase our vigorously tested 2-MMC in the form of high-quality pressed pellets (180mcg each) and carefully formulated crystal and powder. This research chemical belongs to the chemical family of cathinones. We offer this exciting compound in a variety of forms from powder to pellets, to crystal! We have 2-MMC in every form available so you can reach new heights of research and broaden your study’s horizons!




Case Number: 1246911-71-6

Formation: Solid pressed pellets (180mcg each), crystalline and powder

Formula Weight: 177.247 g·mol−1

Molecular Formula: C11H15NO

Available Options: Each pellet contains 180mcg of 2-MMC. Choose from a variety of quantities displayed above when adding to your cart! If you are looking for wholesale pricing, please visit our wholesale info page for more details.


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